English in Action

What a great start into this school year: An English week of fun and action was prepared by three native speakers from Ireland and Great Britain.

On Monday we enjoyed an interesting warming-up lesson. We played some games and talked about different topics, especially about travelling, because we had to give a short presentation about a trip to an English-speaking city on the last day of the course.

The most important rule during the English in Action course was to avoid any use of German words. This was the reason why we could really get to know a lot of English expressions and after some days we were definitely more used to English than to German. Sometimes it even happened that we started to think in this foreign language. That was a completely strange and new feeling for us.

As a result, we can now imagine how important travelling to other countries would be for us, as speaking English for a few days really helped us improve.

Miriam Haumer, 3B

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