Quarantine Life - blog posts written by students from our HL1B

By Jasmin

May 6th, 11:47

The world is weird, but we’ll be okay

I just wanted to update you on my life.

My day usually starts at around 10 am. After checking my phone, I drink some coffee and then start my schoolwork. This takes up most of my day, but I still try to have as much free time as possible to do other things to stay healthy, mentally and physically.

I have been writing a lot of poems lately which has always helped me to cope with things. Moreover, we should keep practicing our daily self-care routine, like showering, dressing yourself and doing our makeup or whatever we usually do. This is not an ordinary situation, but we should not just sit in self-pity at home. We should keep on living our lives with the necessary actions to stop the virus from spreading and infecting more people.

As you guys know, the world is a bit weird now. So feel free to share your opinions and routines in the comment section.


By Max

May 4th,10:45 a.m.


The past five weeks of quarantine have been very stressful and strenuous for me. Especially with all the work to do.

The First Week

In the first week of quarantine, I still went running with one of my friends. But I soon stopped going for a run because a buddy of mine jumped over a fence and played basketball in a park in Kritzendorf. He got caught by an elderly woman and she called the police. He was then escorted to his house by the police. At first, I was actually pretty ok with the situation as I had time to rearrange my room or do any other activity I usually wouldn’t be able to do due to the lack of time I have at home.

The Second Week

This was the week when all the stress started. I didn’t have anything to do, except school-work because I already did everything in week one and my internet provider (to this day) still doesn’t function. We have called the support many times because the WIFI keeps on crashing, but all they had to say was that their servers were overloaded. I mean I do understand that, but if many customers are signing up for them, they should also make sure that they can provide EVERYONE the promised amount of WIFI speed.

This was also the week when all the teachers were finally able to send work via Teams. I’m going to be honest now, just because you can send a tremendous amount of work doesn’t mean that you have to. Especially in Spanish I had so much to do. Basically, the entire week consisted of me just working and having almost no leisure time.

The Third Week

In the third week, my math teacher figured out that we can do online classes with a video call. I think that this is actually way better than watching her Youtube videos. It’s also better if you learn new stuff. But the problem is that we need to wake up early or need to wait three hours between different video calls. I find getting up early quite exhausting because my sleep rhythm has shifted extremely.  It didn’t matter at first, because I didn’t have school, but now that we have online classes, it makes a huge difference. Also, most of the time, the audio or the picture is blurry because of my WIFI. But I still think that it’s better than watching Youtube videos of her for doing math stuff.

The Fourth Week

In the fourth week, my Spanish teacher also started doing online classes so I have to wake up earlier on different days or wait many hours between Spanish and Math classes. It’s quite exhausting and time consuming. Moreover, my urge to go outside was bigger than ever. I wanted go out, chill with my friends or go for a run or just shoot some hoops. But I couldn’t do any of it. Being the honorable and exemplary citizen I am, I have followed the rules. The most annoying thing about quarantine was actually my hair. I was able to do a braid because my hair has already grown so much.

The Fifth Week

First of all, somehow my WIFI keeps on getting worse, and I don’t know how it’s even possible. I have spent the past four weeks doing my work or playing games or doing a workout at home. But playing games wasn’t easy as many of you might think. Since everyone has been at home, all the gamers were playing. Therefore, the servers were drastically overloaded and couldn’t handle the massive amount of people online. That’s why many of the servers were taken offline or are laggy.

I think COVID-19 is to be feared which is why we all are in quarantine. Also, make sure to follow the rules the state makes. It is important to listen to them, because they deal a lot with the topic and are experts unlike most of you out there.

If you have no idea what to do, I would strongly recommend doing any activities at home for which you wouldn’t normally have time (e.g. rearrange your room, paint your walls, learn something, or just binge watch Netflix).

With that being said, I wish you a good start into Quarantine Week 6,

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