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By Janina

Date: 1/5/2020

My life during COVID 19

Hi guys,

The fifth week in quarantine has just passed and I think I’m going to die of boredom. And as I guess that’s how most of you feel I decided to write a blog about how my life has been during COVID 19.

My routine hasn’t really changed since the beginning of quarantine – it usually looks like this: I always set some alarms from 9 a.m. to 10 a.m., so I get up somewhen between those times. Then I make breakfast and drink coffee while watching a series. After finishing, I normally start doing some work for school until lunch. Afterwards I sometimes clean up my room, do a workout or prepare for my online class. How I spend the rest of the day differs from day to day, but most of the time I either do some stuff for school, video-chat with some friends, watch movies or play games with my family. As you can see, it’s not really spectacular.

I’m very glad that for me, the quarantine isn’t that bad. I’m lucky to live in a big house, so everyone of us has his/her own private space and if any of our family members annoy each other, we can just go into another room and leave them alone. But of course, I miss hanging out with my friends and seeing my grandparents.

However, the virus has also changed a lot in a positive way. At least in the first weeks of quarantine there was a lot less traffic and noise. Pollution has decreased and a lot of people have changed their mindsets for example with living more sustainably and being more appreciative. All of this may be temporary, but it’s still beautiful to witness.

Last but not least I want to recommend you some activities you could do during quarantine. You could try baking or cooking. If that’s not your type of thing, you can also try drawing, reading some books and watching new series. If you feel like it, you can clean up your room or even the house. And it’s very important to be outside as well – don’t forget to do promenades or spend some time in your garden.

How has your life changed since COVID 19? I would love to read some of your comments!


By Jasmina

May 6th,9:34 a.m.

Dear bloggers,

We seem to be stuck in a nonstop news cycle about the new corona virus that is causing an illness called COVID-19. Even if the news is getting on our nerves and is an everyday topic, we should take it seriously nevertheless and make the best of it. In the following text I will describe my personal situation, my current routine, my feelings about the virus and tips to stay safe and healthy.

It is bad how the world has suddenly changed. At the beginning I didn’t think about it much because I never thought the virus would come to Europe or Austria. But when the media reported about Italy, I had goosebumps whenever I saw pictures and heard the news. Many people lost their loved ones. Then I started thinking about it a lot, and I wanted to protect my family. I am of the opinion that everyone should protect himself/herself so they protect people in their surroundings. We should all take this very seriously, because the virus spreads quickly. I think as residents of Austria we are really lucky that all people stick to the measures and together we have managed to have not many infected people.

As I said, I take care that I don’t infect myself, and so I protect my family. I try to adhere strictly to the measures and I have no problem staying at home. Of course, I miss meeting my friends and my family, but I see it positively. I think the quarantine can bring us some benefits. We finally have more time for ourselves and our fellow human beings. For example, we now have more time to talk to our family or friends from other countries. Joking aside: This time will be written about in history books, and we have experienced it.

Now I will tell you a little bit about my routine in the quarantine. I think my everyday life in the quarantine is like that of any other teenager. I sleep very late, do my assignments for school, watch series, do sport, bake, cook, etc. There are days when I’m very bored, but I still try to do something useful.

Finally, I want to give some tips for some activities to stay safe and healthy. Now you have time for things for which you never had time or tried to make excuses. You can do sports, so you get a summer body and get fitter. Furthermore, you could eat healthier instead of eating lots of sweets. For this, you can find delicious recipes on the internet. Another suggestion is to cook or bake for your family. It also brings you advantages to expand your cooking skills. Learn vocabulary to master the language better and in this time, you have the chance to improve in school subjects.

Before I say goodbye, protect yourself and your family, wear masks and wash your hands!

Tell me your opinion about the corona virus and what you are doing during the quarantine.

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